Definitions for "Fcc "
The mission of this independent government agency is to encourage competition in all communications markets and to protect the public interest. In response to direction from the Congress, the FCC develops and implements policy concerning interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.
A board of commissioners appointed by the President under the Communications Act of 1934, with the authority to regulate all interstate telecommunications originating in the United States, including transmission over phone lines.
Federal Communcations Commission
Fomento de Construcciones y Contrataciones
Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas
See Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Fluid Catalytic Cracking. A petroleum refining process, succeeding thermal cracking, which provides a highly efficient means of converting heavy gas oils into naphtha.
Fluid catalytic cracking. A process for converting high boiling gas oils to lighter liquids, primarily gasoline range naphtha and diesel range gas oils. The most widely practiced refinery conversion process.
Highest flower-quality award given by the American Orchid Society for plants scoring 89.5-100 award points. An FCC can also be bestowed by the Royal Horticultural Society (FCC/RHS), which, in fact, originated the award.
First Class Certificate. Highest flower award by the RHS Orchid Committee.
Fully Cellular Containership. A container vessel fitted with cell guides. Synonym: celluar container vessel.
See Fully Cellular Containership.
Food Chemicals Codex, the indusrty-standard listing of food-grade ingredients; indicates materials safe for use in food and cosmetics.
Food Chemicals Codex - The industry standard for listing food grade ingredients.
A publication listing standards for foods, supplements and additives employed in the food industry.
Federale Communicatie Commissie
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Organization representing large fish-processing companies, including National Sea, Clearwater, Fishery Products International Ltd., SPANS (Seafood Producers Association of Nova Scotia) and others.
Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders
fertility capability classification; a classification based on quantitative topsoil and subsoil parameters directly relevant to plant growth; various soil condition 'modifiers' define specific types of soil adversity or complexes of edaphic problems.
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Fcc is a console program to store results of the German Bundesliga and view the table of standings, and some statistics. It aims to be lean and fast.
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Flagfall Form Factor
Part 15 A specification for electromagnetic radiation and susceptibility that all electronic equipment sold in the USA must meet. This has two classes: A and B. A is the less stringent class and applies to industrial or commercial equipment. B is the more stringent and applies to consumer equipment.
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Fluffy Cats' Club
France-Chicago Center
Flight Coordination Center
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Farm Credit Corporation
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Family Care Councils
Full Charge Capacity. the actual capacity of a battery over time, expressed as a percentage of the initial rated capacity of the battery.
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Fire Control Computer@‰ÎŠíŠÇ§ƒRƒ“ƒsƒ…[ƒ^B
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Funding and Cost Control group