Definitions for "Doe"
Department of the Environment
Federal Department of Environment
One of the principal federal agencies supporting research in the physical sciences in the United States. Through its Office of Science it provides approximately 90% of the support for High Energy and Nuclear Physics.
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A female deer or antelope; specifically, the female of the fallow deer, of which the male is called a buck. Also applied to the female of other animals, as the rabbit. See the Note under Buck.
Adult female sheep.
A normal female rabbit.
Design of Experiments. A statistical technique that helps selecting process parameters that need to be investigated. This technique, in which we vary a lot of conditions all at once, allows us to learn a lot more from our experiments than we would if we were testing only one condition at a time.
See Design of Experiment.
Design of Experience A way to design items, based on previous experience.
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dyspnea on exertion.
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A feat. [Obs.] See Do, n.
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DOE Science Grid PKI Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement, Version 2.1. August 2002.
Double open end. A filter cartridge configuration such that both ends are open and require housings with knife edge sealing devices.
Disability Overhead Expense. A reimbursement plan designed to cover business expenses during the total or partial disability of a professional or business person.
Distributed Object Environment (Sun Microsystems)