Definitions for "distributed"
Pertaining to computer networks with decentralized network control where such functions as routing, formatting for transmission, and error-checking are equally distributed over all nodes.
Located on different computers which communicate over a network.
Where computers, and especially databases, are computing linked in a wide area network so as to take advantage of distant databases.
refers to the interaction that takes place between components to carry out some task. Thus, while ubiquity refers to the availability of access, distribution refers to the internal processing. A distributed system carries out the functions needed by the users without regard to whose the actual resources or processes take place. One might suggest that distribution is the internal view and ubiquity is the external view.
Software developments that are not executed in one piece of equipment, but in different devices that cooperate executing different tasks and exchanging information with a common aim. Go up al principio del documento
spread from a central location to multiple points or recipients. Opposite of concentrated.
spread among a variety of securities; -- of investments.
In a control system, refers to control achieved by intelligence that is distributed about the process to be controlled, rather than by a centrally located single unit.
The application of monies to specific accounts to determine the appropriate disbursement of monies.
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After a Treasury auction, there will be many new issues in dealer's hands. As those issues are sold, it is said that they are distributed.
(of investments) distributed among a variety of securities
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Running in more than one address space.