Definitions for "LANS"
a village near Innsbruck, Austria. [ Evening in Lans
Lans is a small village in Tyrol, Austria. The village is located 8 km (15 minutes by car) south of Innsbruck.
ocal rea etworks which are typically used to connect computers separated by short distances.
Local Area Networks - used in referencing the Internet or World Wide Web
data communication networks that are fairly limited in their reach (e.g., the premises of a building or a campus). They are private networks that facilitate the sharing of information and computer resources by the members of a group.
The interconnection of computers for the purpose of sharing files, programs and various devices such as work stations, printers and high-speed modems. LANs may include dedicated computers or file servers that provide a centralized source of shared files and programs. Most office computer networks use a LAN to share files, printers, modems and other items. Where computers are separated by greater distances, a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or other Wide Area Network (WAN) may be used.