Definitions for "Campus"
Is a web-based software for schools and colleges. This is a software write in Java with hibernate, xdoclet, webwork and other open source also is make with Extreme Programming software development process.
The principal grounds of a college or school, between the buildings or within the main inclosure; as, the college campus.
a college or university.
To work out on a campus board. Climbing moves without the use of your feet (feet dangling)
(vb) to work out on a campus board. 2. (vb.) to rock climbing moves with feet dangling as if using a campus board. ·N«ü¥u¨Ï¥Î¤âÁu¨Ó¶i¦æÃkµn¡A§¹¥þ¤£¥Î¸}¡C
To climb using only the arms. A method of training grip, contact, and upper body strength.
Blake campus: 110 Blake Road, Hopkins 55343 (Grades PK-5, and 6-8); Highcroft campus: 301 Peavey Lane, Wayzata 55391 (Grades K-5); Northrop campus: 511 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis 55403 (Grades 9-12).
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From the pop-up menu, select Oxford or Atlanta. This field defaults to Atlanta, but you can choose the blank entry on the list to retrieve classes that are on either campus.
a field of people with clubs, teams, cliques and classes
Campus (plural: campuses) is derived from the (identical) Latin word for "field" or "open space". English gets the words "camp" and "campus" from this origin. The French equivalent, champs, is also well-known in English because of the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.
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Development of an open-source intranet solution for educational institutions.
higher education considered as a whole; as, the financial effects of research cutbacks on the campus.
a part of an institution established by the institution to help it achieve its objectives by delivering instruction, an educational support service, or research
A teaching and administrative centre. Programs and students are both linked to a particular campus.
A site where multiple distribution centres share resources such as employees and transport to maximise time and cost efficiencies. See also Distribution Centre; multi-user
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a payroll agency, an individual academic unit is not
a physically distinct site owned or occupied by a hospital on which the hospital regularly provides treatment and/or care to patients
a friendly environment with a real sense of community
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a short drive from where you live or work