Definitions for "Che"
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Short-hand for Ceramic Heat Emitter. CHEs screw into most ordinary light bulb sockets and come in various wattages. They give off heat, but no light. They are a great way to provide night-time heat when light is undesirable. Note: CHEs must be used with ceramic-socket fixtures to prevent fire hazards.
Chart Heat Exchanger
Ceramic Heat Emitter. These heaters screw into a light bulb socket, but give off no light. Good source of heat for your reptile at night when the lights are off.
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Ubiquitous, classically Argentinian term, tagged onto the end of numerous statements and generally meaning "mate" or "buddy". From the Mapuche for "person".
Credit Hour Equivalent. Non-credit courses (Postsecondary Adult Vocational, Supplemental, Apprenticeship, and Recreation and Leisure) are measured in terms of CHE. Thirty contact hours of classroom time = 1 CHE.
Course Hour Equivalent. a learning experience that is equivalent to one hour of scheduled class time, i.e. Student Contact Hour (SCH) and a means of recognizing delivery of a comparable amount of educational content, regardless of the delivery mode.
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Che was an American stoner rock band founded by former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork. Che released their only LP Sounds of Liberation in 2000.
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community home with education
Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering
Colleges of Higher Education (as opposed to Polytechnics and Universities).
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Chemicals MED Media
Crown Health Enterprise. This term was used to refer to hospitals from 1 July 1993 to 31 December 1997,first under Regional Health Authorities, and then under the Transitional Health Authority (THA).
Consumer Home Economics Comprehensive Core
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Someone who refuses to play by the house rules. See Also: House Rules
see ' Controlled Humidity Environment'
container-handling equipment