Definitions for "Certificate"
A written declaration legally authenticated.
To verify or vouch for by certificate.
An electronic document which verifies that the owner has a relationship with parties involved in a transaction, such as a Cardholder that has a relationship with an issuing bank or a Merchant that has a relationship with an acquiring bank. A certificate authorizes its owner to perform certain tasks and authenticates the owner to other parties in the transaction, assuring that the party presenting the certificate is the same party to which it was originally issued.
The legal document evidencing ownership of a debt or equity position.
A common instrument issued by Banks to signify ownership of a quantity of unallocated metal. The benefit of a Certificate is that it negates the need for an investor to hold physical metal. Scotiabank offers Certificates in both gold and silver.
From 1 July 2006, people that wish to make an application to the family law court for parenting orders, must file a certificate from by an approved organisation with their application. The certificate is issued by a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.• Agreements in Family Law Matters• Children & Family Law• Family Court Procedures• Lives with• Major Long Term Issues• Time with
A document granted by colleges after completion of study for a specific occupation. Certificates usually require a six-month to one-year, full-time program of required courses, or its part-time equivalent.
Awarded upon completion of a prescribed series of courses. A certificate indicates skill proficiency in many technical and vocational areas.
Award granted upon successful completion of one or two years' study at tertiary level at a non-university institution. Students may continue on to a diploma course after successfully completing a certificate course.
A written testimony to the truth of any fact; as, certificate of good behavior.
A formal declaration of a fact, such as a stock certificate, CD, certificate of incorporation, mortgage-backed security, or American Depositary Receipt. see also scrip, scripophily, share, stock, warrant.
A written testimony to the truth of any fact. Certification comes after the learner has successfully completed training and has passed an assessment with a minimum acceptable score.
Document provided by an accredited laboratory stipulating the stone's weight , colour, clarity, proportions and finish grade.
Written statement of the characteristics of a gemstone, including but not limited to color, clarity and weight. Should be created by an independent 3rd party laboratory to assure accuracy and impartiality.
The official grading report for diamonds and gemstones. Certificates can come from any of the major gemstone laboratories, the best being the G.I.A. and the A.G.S. The certificate will list all the major quality factors (4 c's). However, the G.I.A. will not include a cut grading on their certificates, while the A.G.S will. Whether grading the cut is pertinent, or even possible, or not is the subject of current debate. You should have ½ carat diamonds certified if the clarity is VS or higher. ¾ carat stones should be certified at SI and up, and 1 carat, above I1 clarity.
To furnish with a certificate; as, to certificate the captain of a vessel; a certificated teacher.
A legal paper or license of a boat or its captain.
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Several academic certificate programs are offered to MSW students in the Concentration Year at GSSW. These certificates allow students in any concentration or practice track to pursue in-depth knowledge in a particular social work specialty. For detailed information about GSSW certificates, please see
A one-year (or less) academic program
A statement to the effect that the student has met the requirements of a certificate program. Back to top of glossary
the formal recognition by an institution that (1.) a student has attended a learning activity offered by the institution (participation or attendance certificate) or (2.) a student has completed the requirements of a learning activity that include a minimum of 60 hours of instruction and formal evaluation of the student's achievements (merit certificate).
Recognition that a student has successfully completed a (usually one-year) program of applied study.
a series of courses in a career area designed to teach specific skills.
a 6- to 15-month program typically in a vocational or technical area to prepare for a job in a specific career.
A list of eligibles ranked, according to regulations, and referred for appointment or promotion consideration. A more useful term is "candidate list."
Sometimes called a "cert," this is the list of candidates which is referred to the selecting official (usually the supervisor of the position being filled). The candidates on the certificate are the best qualified individuals who applied for the position.
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An operand of the EXTRACT command, used to obtain information from the X.509 certificate that was received from a client during an SSL handshake.
A chunk of information (often stored as a text file) that contains information about who owns the certificate, certificate issuer, expiration dates, and a unique serial number or other unique identification. It is used by the SSL protocol to establish a secure connection.
A Data Record that contains the information as defined in the X.509 Format.
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An account where you deposit money for a specific amount of time (at DCU, between 3 months and 5 years). The amount that you earn on a certificate is greater than what you earn in other types of saving accounts, but there is a penalty or fee for taking your money out early. To beginning of page
A written statement, signed by an official, describing acts performed in an official capacity.
Official, written documentation certifying that the fulfillment of certain requirements has occurred on a certain date.
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A term used to refer to a type of rental subsidy.
A Certificate of approval to undertake some functions under the Act
A certificate is an identifier for a secure server. In Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, both the secure server and the browser use certificates to see if secure transactions may take place.
An SSL certificate, or secure certificate, is a file installed on a secure Web ...
Used as an "ID card" between you and a secure Web service
A form of documentation of the authenticity of a work of art.
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software review or evaluation.
This shows who is entitled to drive and the dates the cover starts and ends You should check this and have it available
not a degree, but rather an indication that certain skills or levels of knowledge about a certain subject area have been achieved.
See: Alternative Routes to Certification Residency Certificate National Board Certification Professional Certificate
A statement provided to an employee describing the benefits provided under group insurance.
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Method of holding shares.