Definitions for "Subscriber"
A person who subscribes to be notified of new solicitations.
The person responsible for payment of premiums or whose employment is the basis for eligibility for members in an HMO or other health plan.
The person whose name is listed on the health insurance policy. The insured.
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An individual user who has opted to receive a given publication. For example, some websites, as part of the registration process, allow a user to select from a set of subjects on which he or she would like to receive emails. See also email, mailing, publication, subscriber list.
a much greater asset than a web site visitor, in the sense that you will be able to communicate to them for as long as you produce your ezine, or until they decide to opt-out
a person that fills out the form with a valid e-mail address and agrees to receive at least one Free Newsletter
an entity that is interested in selected notifications from managed objects
a person or an application who wants to receive notifications
a user who accesses a notification (and sets trigger conditions for a notification)
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A user of a wireless communications service.
a user or connection. The line from a telephone to a switch.
a wireless phone user.
a destination for the event
In the Tivoli environment, a Tivoli client, a profile manager, or any endpoint type (for example, a PC managed node or a proxy endpoint) that is subscribed to a profile manager. Although profiles are distributed to a subscriber, the subscriber may or may not be the final destination of the profile distribution.
In a Tivoli environment, a resource that is subscribed to a profile manager.
the patient or the entity that pays for the insurance for patients.
A subscriber is a person or entity that has purchased a license. The subscriber is identified in the system by their email address. Related Words: License.
A person in whose name the Digital Signature Certificate is issued.
a home/person that pays for receiving a magazine.
Just as with a magazine or newspaper, you become a subscriber after submitting (at least) your email address to the publisher of an email publication. Unlike with paper magazines and newspapers, however, subscribing to email publications included in the ListFish directory is free --no matter how may you choose.
someone who contracts to receive and pay for a certain number of issues of a publication
The recipient of contractual supervising station signal service(s). In case of multiple, noncontiguous properties having single ownership, the term refers to each protected premises or its local management.
a person who has a need for information that is published by the Publishing Framework
In the Publishing Framework, a recipient of information that is published to a channel.
an educator who works in an educational institution and has registered with Bio-Link
a teacher who works in an educational institution and has registered with Bio-Link
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a MedMonitoring client
an end user or entity who has a business relationship with a mobile network operator
A mobile or portable radio used by personnel not at fixed locations.
An individual mobile phone connected to and using the Vodafone Network. A customer may have multiple subscribers on a single account.
One who subscribes; one who contributes to an undertaking by subscribing.
someone who contributes (or promises to contribute) a sum of money
The person making the contributions to an RESP and designates one or more beneficiaries.
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caller with a mailbox on the Octel system
a server that receives distributions by subscribing to one or more channels
a server that receives updates to the data
In the world of content syndication, one of the two parties in an ICE relationship, who receives information and content from the other party, a syndicator. The subscriber uses ICE to obtain information and content from the syndicator.
Content Management Server 2001 subscribers have access through their Web browser to view MSCMS 2001 pages in the channels to which they're subscribed.
A telephone or telecommunications company's paying customer.
A paying customer to a network, for example, the GSM network.
A client or customer of a telephone company, either a person or a business.
a participant who has requested to participate, in a repetitive, fixed and consecutive manner, in a certain lottery game chosen by him, specifically, or in a certain category
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an applicant who has registered a domain name under one of the domains that Norid manages
an authorized IRS system, Data Mart, IRS Developed Application, etc
A subscriber is a repository subscribing to a group repository.
a member of a mailing list
the employee or group member on whose behalf the coverage is purchased.
Owns a Reservation-less account and can initiate a conference. Controls the conference with touch-tones (Moderator page not available at this time.) Close window
A portion of a document that automatically obtains current data from other documents and applications. A subscriber reads data from an edition. See also edition, section.
a message consumer specific to the topic message model
a server containing a copy of the publication database that is periodically updated from the distribution database
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To set one's name to a paper in return for a promise to give something, such as a sum of money, in return.
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See Insured.
The insurance policy holder.
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One who enters his name for a paper, book, map, or the like.
someone who expresses strong approval
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See institution.