Definitions for "DDI"
See Direct Dialing In.
Direct Dialing In. If the PBX and the local public exchange are suitable, callers can dial direct to an extension, bypassing the operator.
Direct Dial In -This technology via BT can improve customer service by allowing them to dial straight to your desk.
FDA-approved analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor used in the treatment of HIV disease.
See Didanosine.
(dideoxyinosine) A drug that inhibits HIV through inhibition of reverse transcription.
Data Documentation Initiative An effort to establish an international XML-based standard for the content, presentation, transport, and preservation of documentation for data sets in the social and behavioral sciences. Data archives in the UC system use DDI to preserve collections of materials used in quantitative research. See the DDI web site for more information.
Data Documentation Initiative. An international committee sponsored by ICPSR that is developing a new metadata standard for social science documentation. This standard, developed by representatives from the international social science research community, is intended to fill the need for a structured codebook standard that will serve as an interchange format and permit the development of new Web applications. The Document Type Definition (DTD) for the DDI standard is written in XML (Extensible Markup Language) and is available at
Doctors Data Inc. - a lab that does testing of hair, urine, blood, etc. See also see
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Digital display indicator
Data Driven Interaction With DDI, an application or DCM can offer a DDI description of its UI. This description can be retrieved simultaneously by any HAVi device with a display. The user can interact with the UI in a way that is completely local to the HAVi device with the display. Such interaction will cause messages to be sent to the remote DCM or application that will interpret these messages and control the activity of the application or device. Any DDI description can be displayed on any type of display. Each display will match the DDI description of the UI to its own capability, which can vary from a high end graphics screen on a TV, to a simple text-only LCD screen. Changes in the UI due to user actions or unsolicited changes in the state of the device (for example, if a user pushes a button directly on the device, or an application calls a control API of the DCM) are signaled to the display to indicate that new information has to be displayed.
Distributed Digital Interface
Device driver interface.
A "direct digital interface" signal can be supplied to a Christie projector via an optional digital input module. For example, you can input an SMPTE- 259M signal using a Serial Digital Input Module or input an SMPTE-272M signal from a Digital HDTV Serial Input Module.
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DiskDupe Image or Disk Doubler Image
Deputy Director of Intelligence