Definitions for "DDD"
degenerated disc disease. Mechanical breakdown of the integrity of a disc, which produces symptoms initially because of mechanical instability and later productive of root or cord compression owing to the development of osteophyte outgrowths.
Digital Digital Digital. A designation that indicates the recorded material was first recorded with digital equipment, then remixed on digital equipment and finally placed onto a digital recording medium..
Degenerative disc disease. loss of elasticity and flexibility of the disc. Although it can happen quickly, most DDD develops over time due to use or misuse.
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District Deputy Director
Deputy District Director
Direct Distance Dialing; easy, fast telephone service which permits customers to dial their own long distance calls.
Direct Distance Dialling.
Direct Distance Dialing Any switched telecommunication service (like , , etc.) that allows a call originator to place long distance calls directly to telephones outside the local service area without an operator.
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8.14 NA NA 3 CREG Source: ESE, 1994b
DDD was a commonly used pesticide in the past, but is now banned in the United States.
Division of Developmental Disabilities
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Home About DDD Choose a Section: Claimant Area
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Daily Defined Dose
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Draft Decision Document
The ability of a caller to place a call without the assistance of the operator.
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Detailed Design Document
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Number of the day in the year