Definitions for "Tracks"
(drapery) Tracks are generally fixed to the wall above the window, and the curtains have hooks looped into the header tape, which fit onto clips on the track and allows them to be opened and closed. They can be made of plastic or metal with a powdercoat finish.
rails at both sides of the door that guide the door up and down.
The rails on which curtains (tabs) run
Tracks is a 1988 novel by Louise Erdrich. It is the story of Fleur and a Native American tribe in the early 20th century. The lifestyle for the tribe is ending and the story is presented by Pauline and Nanapush, two of the main characters in the novel.
Tracks is a 1976 American drama film written and directed by Henry Jaglom. The film stars Dennis Hopper, Taryn Power and Dean Stockwell. The story involves a returned Vietnam veteran escorting a fellow soldier's coffin across the United States for burial.
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Tracks (Le Sillage in Canada, Puma in Italy) is the name to a single character in the Transformers Universes. The name is now too generic to license in recent times; so the toys creator, Hasbro had to add a 'modifier' - a prefix to the name in order to use it on their product, in this case the name became "Autobot Tracks".
Circuit lengths are Half-Mile in America, five furlongs/1000 metres (predominant in Scandinavia and much of Europe) and mile, though the famous 'Grande piste' at Vincennes in Paris is 2000 metres. Racing 'one wide' outside another horse means covering an extra 63 feet (almost 6 lengths) per mile on a half mile track and 47 feet on a five-eights one.
Sub-divisions of the program area of a CD. Each disc may have up to 99 tracks each at least 4 seconds in length. Each track can contain data of only one type. Also refers to the sub-divisions of the audio on a DVD-Audio disc, which may comprise up to 9 Groups each consisting of up to 99 tracks.
the separate media types that make up a movie. Most movies include a video track and an audio track. In some multimedia architectures such as QuickTime, there are also text tracks, sprite tracks, music tracks, and more unusual track types.
Refers to layers in the Timeline that contain the audio and video items in your sequence. Also used to refer to the separation of audio and video on tape into separate tracks.
A conglomeration of observations determined by PQSNet to represent a trend.
Tracks is a monthly Australian surf magazine, promoting itself as "the surfer's bible".
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the visible traces left by a Circle's creating Energies within the lay of a Circle, Ring, or Path; there are usually 3 main "tracks" to a (roughly) 4-foot-wide area, although a smaller, parallel fourth track can sometimes be seen, as well
These are the circular magnetic paths, onto which data is written and from which data is read, that are on a magnetic disks, such as CDs.
Circles on a medium used to divide a disk.
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a nice one to have because you get a small sample of early live REM
a human aLoveLinksPlus sites, dating products
Reconstructed trajectories of charged particles.
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footprints, in this case left by the foot of an animal.
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any vehicles which move on tracks rather than wheels
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the narrow strips of media on which data are written