Definitions for "niCE"
an outdoors city
a thriving city in the heart of the Cote D'Azur on the French Riviera
France (Côte d'Azur International Airport)
Overscrupulous or exacting; hard to please or satisfy; fastidious in small matters.
Delicate; refined; dainty; pure.
Apprehending slight differences or delicate distinctions; distinguishing accurately or minutely; carefully discriminating; as, a nice taste or judgment.
Pleasing; agreeable; gratifying; delightful; good; as, a nice party; a nice excursion; a nice day; a nice sauce, etc.
Pleasant; kind; as, a nice person.
pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance; "what a nice fellow you are and we all thought you so nasty"- George Meredith; "nice manners"; "a nice dress"; "a nice face"; "a nice day"; "had a nice time at the party"; "the corn and tomatoes are nice today"
To run a command with lower priority so that it doesn't hog the computer
nice run a command at low priority
Changes the priority of a command 1263
"Nice" is the 34th single by British pop band Duran Duran. Released in 2005 to radio in Europe and as download only, it was the third single to be lifted from the group's Astronaut album.
Nice is the seventh full-length studio album by Rollins Band, released in 2001, their first on Sanctuary Records. The band line-up was Henry Rollins fronting the band, Mother Superior, whilst retaining the Rollins Band name.
niCE // new intelligent compressing engine, not another cute data compressor ;-) C-Programm, das mittels Huffmanalgorithmus und Laufl�ngenalg. komprimiert. Zus. Guide �ber die verwendeten Algorithmen und Projektmanagement
Of trifling moment; unimportant; trivial.
Foolish; silly; simple; ignorant; also, weak; effeminate.
National Institute of Clinical Excellence
National Initiative for Civic Education
National Institute for Clinical Excellence
Nice is a generic type of biscuit. Arnott's Biscuits Holdings in Australia are one of a number of companies worldwide to produce them.
Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise
done with delicacy and skill; "a nice bit of craft"; "a job requiring nice measurements with a micrometer"; "a nice shot"
exhibiting courtesy and politeness; "a nice gesture"
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A strategy is nice if it never defects first.
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Well-mannered; well-behaved; as, nice children.
Nice is an advanced object-oriented programming language.