Definitions for "IPA "
Institute for Practitioners in Advertising(A market research group)
Individual Practice Association. A partnership, corporation or other legal entity which contracts with an HMO, union or other provider to provide care to an enrolled group for a fixed monthly amount. In the IPA, the provider can work from his office instead of an HMO center or clinic. Fee-for-service patients can be treated alongside those in the IPA plan. Patients in the IPA plan must use a participating provider. The provider must follow IPA practices, accept reimbursement as full payment and comply with IPA peer review 'and quality assurance procedures. Typically, the IPA pays the provider a percentage of his fee, with the remaining percentage held in a reserve pool that may be divided at year's end by the provider if any funds remain.
A legal entity organized and operated on behalf of individual participating dentists for the primary purpose of collectively entering into contracts to provide dental services to enrolled populations. Dentists may practice in their own offices and may provide care to patients not covered by the contract . as well as IPA patients.
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Acronym for "India Pale Ale". A type of stronger hoppier ale originally made for Britain's Indian Empire because the hoppier nature acted as a preservative for shipping great distances.
India Pale Ale. A strong, hoppy Pale ale. The style originated in Britain in the 19th century, and had a high alcohol content and hopping rate, allowing it to survive the long sea voyage to India.
India Pale Ale-. a British ale made strong and with high hop character designed for transport to troops in India.
Intergovernmental Personnel Act - Temporary assignments of employees between federal agencies, State, local, Indian tribal governments, institutions of higher learning, and other eligible organizations
See Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement
Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance
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Isopropyl acetate
Isopropyl alcohol
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Individual Pension Accounts.. A form of investment medium introduced in April 2001. They enjoy the same tax advantages as other eligible investment available to exempt approved pension schemes. Can be transferred between pension arrangements.
Individual Pensions Account
Individual Pension Account" & _ " Introduced in April 2001. A wrapper through which you can save for a pension, much like an ISA. It is not a pension scheme in itself; instead it is available as another investment option to those that already have a personal pension, Defined Contribution company pension or Stakeholder. You can invest in many Unit Trusts, OEICs and Investment Trusts through an IPA, although very few companies currently offer it.
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
This is a provision in the needs analysis formula that provides for the basic living expenses of a family. The allowance varies according to the number in the parents' household and the number in college, as reported on the FAFSA.
Interprocedural analysis, a type of optimization that allows optimizations to be performed across procedure boundaries and across calls to procedures in separate source files.
Instituto Plan Agropecuario
Integrated Planning Act. The Queensland Government established a simple step by step process for making, assessing and deciding development applications in Queensland. All local Queensland Councils must implement a planning scheme in accordance with this act. Read about it more on their website.
IPA is a pluggable, flexible, general-purpose accounting system. It supports static and dynamic rules, limits, sublimits, and thresholds. It works with external accounting, database and statistics modules. Accounting is done per specified period of a week. Complete documentation is included.
Initially Preferred Alternative (see LPA, LPO)
Intermediate Power Amplifier (Uplink Transmitter).
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(UNEP) Information and Public affairs
Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation
Information Technology Promotion Agency (Japan)
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising - the trade body for leading agencies in the UK's advertising, media and marketing communications industry
Internet Page Accelerator. The name given to a proprietary HTTP acceleration service.
Institute of Primary Activation (New Zealand)
IP Port Allow; Internet Protocol Authentication
Including Particular Average