Definitions for "Open Panel"
A term describing a member's ability to self-refer for specialty care. Open access arrangements allow a member to see a participating provider without a referral from another doctor. Health plan members' abilities, rights or invitation to self refer for specialty care. Also called Open Access.
A type of health plan other than a closed panel plan that provides incentives for the enrollee to use providers selected by the plan.
A right included in an HMO which allows the covered person to obtain non-emergency covered services from a specialist without a referral from the primary care physician or gate keeper.
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Die cut opening for a window envelope that does not have patch material behind it.
A term used when any envelope with a window does not have any type of clear window patch material affixed over the window opening from inside the envelope.
Usually refers to an MCO which contracts with a variety of treatment provider subtypes.
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See Open Access. (H)