Definitions for "PPO"
Preferred Provider Organization. A health care organization composed of physicians,...
Preferred provider organization. A group of medical care providers such as physicians and hospitals who offer to provide their services at a discount to certain insured groups.
A type of managed care plan with a delivery system where providers are under contract to an insurance company or health plan to provide medical care at a discount or negotiated rate. If you choose a provider who's not part of the plan, you pay more for care.
Polyphenylene oxide (a PPE/HIPS blend)
Polyphenylene oxide (a thermoplastic)
Polyphenylene Oxide (Thermoplastic Resin).
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prior permission only. Certain airfields or events require advance notification (by telephone, for example) of your intended arrival. Also PNR, prior notice required, and PPR, prior permission required.
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Clipper Preprocessor Output
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Purchasingpower risk parity
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Prolific and Other Priority Offenders
Police Protection Order.
Police Probation Officer
Principal Personnel Officer.
Printed Paper Office. Office within the House of Commons handling the distribution of published material within the House.
Personal Protection Officer; commonly referred to as a bodyguard.
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Power Policy Owner. this is the driver in the stack that decides when to send power irps to the device stack. A PPO will always send device power irps and can optionally send wait wake irps as well.
Public Path Order. These include the following: Public path creation agreement - an agreement under s25 of the 1980 Highways Act. Public path creation order - an order under s26 of the 1980 Highways Act. Public path diversion order - an order under s119 of the 1980 Highways Act. Public Path extinguishment order - an order under s118 of the 1980 Highways Act.
qualification period reimbursement
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Power Purchase Option. A service governed by tariff, which allows retail electric customers to buy electric power and energy from ComEd at a market value of power and energy.
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Pension Payment Orders
an abbreviation for Personal Protection Order