Definitions for "Priority"
The quality or state of being prior or antecedent in time, or of preceding something else; as, priority of application.
Precedence; superior rank.
Priority is a user-defined setting that determines the importance of each Resource a Jabber user is using to access the Jabber server. The server will send messages and presence information to the highest-priority resource, which is known as the Primary Resource. This enables a user to connect to the server from multiple locations or devices, but only receive messages at a single device or location.
A system of awarding touches to fencers who execute simultaneous actions or whose score is tied.
the convention (at foil and sabre) that recognises that one action has advantage over another even though both actions may hit; the line has priority over an attack.
Right of way. The convention of foil and sabre fencing.
Identifies the order in which theChange Request should be worked: high; medium-high; medium; medium-low; low
Used for listed equity securities. System used in an auction market, in which the first bid or offer price is executed before other bid and offer prices, even if subsequent orders are larger. NYSE rules stipulate that the bid made first should be executed first, or if two bids came in at once, the bid for the large number of shares receives "priority." The bid not executed is then turned to the broker, who informs the customer that the trade was not completed because there was stock ahead. See: Standing.
A code entered by a dealer on an order indicating the sequence that the orders should be built. For retail orders, the lower that the number is, the more important the order is compared to that dealer's other orders, not to anyone else's orders. Note that sold orders always take priority over stock orders. For fleet orders, the code tells month and week that they are requesting the order to be produced.
See right of way.
The ranking of a water right vis-à-vis all other water rights drawing on the stream system. Priority is determined by the year in which the application for the water right was filed. The date the appropriation was initiated determines the relative priority of water rights for which the applications were filed in the same year. Priority is the most valuable aspect of a water right because priorities determine who may divert and use water in time of short water supply.
an investigation into the present and future pension rights of women
a value that can be used by the database to assign/allocate space from one supernet before another
The scheduler has a queuing system for jobs and job streams in the plan. You can assign a priority level for each job and job stream from to 101. A priority of will not execute.
The classification assigned to all core customers to be used in the event of curtailment as provided for in Rule 14 of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's gas tariffs.
Something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives. [D03167] Webster
If there are several orders competing for a stock at the same price, a priority determines when one of these orders will be filled before any other at this price. Priority is based on the time at which the order is received into the system.
The relative superiority of competing liens or encumbrances.
The holder of the priority card, is the player who has the first action in the next stock round. The priority is moved during the stock round by players buying private companies, buying shares, selling shares or doing actions for their companies.
The First Mortgage, and all moneys secured from time to time under it, will have first priority over the Second Mortgage and the Third Mortgage for an amount not exceeding the First Mortgagee Priority Amount. This figure is set by the First Mortgagee to cover all costs such as interest, fees, bank charges, tax etc.
principle of nomenclatural practice that dictates that the valid name of an organism is the first legitimate name applied to it. In plants, priority begins with Species Plantarum (1753), and in animals, Systema Naturae (1758).
Publicoffering price Purchasingpower
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Relative ordering given to a process with respect to other processes. System processes have a higher priority than user processes.
A value that the scheduler calculates to determine which process(es) should next run on the CPUs. A process' priority is calculated from its nice value and its recent CPU usage.
A number that determines how often the kernel will run a process. A higher-priority process will run more often and, therefore, will finish faster, than a low-priority process.
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Français : Priorité Deutsch : Vorrang, Priorität
A statement of resource allocation intentions.
Processes with more priority receive a greater share of system resources. Greater priority is signified by having a low priority number.
Eligibility of abandoned mine land projects for fund expenditures based on a degree of adverse effects on health and safety. The priority projects are as follows: The protection of public health, safety, general welfare, and property from extreme danger of adverse effects of coal mining practices; The protection of public health, safety, and general welfare from adverse effects of coal mining practices. The restoration of land and water resources and the environment previously degraded by adverse effects of coal mining practices including measures for the conservation and development of soil, water (excluding channelization), woodland, fish and wildlife, recreation resources, and agricultural productivity. The protection, repair, replacement, construction, or enhancement of public facilities such as utilities, roads, recreation, and conservation facilities adversely affected by coal mining practices; and The development of publicly owned land adversely affected by coal mining practices including land acquired as provided in this title for recreation and historic purposes, conservation, and reclamation purposes and open space benefits.
a peer registration request parameter which allows an SNMP agent to resolve conflicting registration attempts. All peer registration requests have an associated priority, which has an integer value in the range 0 (indicating highest possible priority) to (231 - 1). Many peers may register the same MIB module, but they must do so at different priorities. The peer with the highest registration priority for a given MIB module is consulted exclusively for all operations on objects in that module. See also the ``Priority'' section.
This value quantifies the necessity for this defect to be resolved where 1 has the highest priority (critical) to 3 for lowest priority. For example, priority 1 generally means that there is a critical need for the resolution of a defect where priority 3 generally means that the development or maintenance can delay the change.
priority, unless specifically qualified, is the right to occupy a specific frequency for authorized uses, free of harmful interference from stations of other agencies. QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
A term used in the French reinsurance market to mean RETENTION.
The use of indentation to indicate the different levels of priority in conditions.
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Value associated with a queue that gives you some control (via choice of queue) over the responsiveness of the system. Priorities are high and normal.
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a strong military
Within a programme there are a number of main headings that identify an objective for the overall programme. Each of these headings is known as a Priority
With regard to the priority rating on the top of each sheet, this relates directly to the potential benefits to be gained from the actions under each target area.
A numeric value associated with each activity within G2. G2 schedules activities based on their priority.
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Mail: Priority Mail provides two- to three-day delivery service.