Definitions for "SNMP"
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Simple Network Management Protocol. A de-facto standard for managing network devices and for collecting statistics, performance details and security.
Simple Network Management Protocol. A set of network communication specifications that cover all the basics of network management. It is a simple and expandable protocol designed to give the capability to remotely manage a computer network by polling, setting terminal values, and monitoring network events. It is comprised of three elements, an MIB, a manager, and the agents. The manager is located on the host computer on the network. Its role is to poll the agents and request information concerning the networks status. Agents run off each network node and collect network and terminal information as specified in the MIB.
Simple Network Management Protocol. A network management communications protocol originally developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for use on a TCP/IP network. Has been expanded for general use in managing distributed network devices and applications.
Sends any enabled RFC 1157 SNMP linkUp, linkDown, authenticationFailure, warmStart, and coldStart notifications.
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SMTP SpectraGuard
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Scanning Nuclear Microprobe