Definitions for "mib"
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mib is an MPI-based I/O benchmark for clusters.
Management Information Base. A data base of objects, with attributes and values, representing the manageable components of a network device. Used in SNMP. There are industry standardized MIBs and proprietary MIBs.
Management Information Base. An SNMP-defined data structure used for storing and retrieving information to and from network elements.
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"Mint in box."
A doll that is mint and still within, or repacked with it's original box, is said to be MIB. Mint in box. Always be careful to question whether your doll is in it's own original box. On occasion, dolls can be presented as MIB but travel in a box from the same designer, yet the box belonged to a different doll entirely.
mint in box; practically flawless
Men In Black. Mysterious, otherworldly visitors who are believed intimidate witnesses of UFO activity into keeping quiet. MIBs, who dress entirely in black, were very prevalent in the 1950s and early 1960s. Also believed to be automatons.
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Minimal Impact in the Bush
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an lack. Plural: MIBs.
An index of the thirty highest capitalized and most liquid Italian shares.
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Military Intelligence Board
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Men In Black. See "Alphabet People".