Definitions for "MIP"
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Mortgage Insurance Premium. Percentage of outstanding balance that is paid each year of the mortgage term.
Mortgage Insurance Premium. The premium paid by a borrower either to FHA (FHA/VA loans) or to a private company for non-government insured loans.
Mortgage Insurance Premium. A fee paid by a borrower for mortgage insurance. Fee's are generally paid to a private insurer or FHA insurer.
Mastercard Interface Processor. The processing hardware and software system that interfaces with MasterCard’s Global Payment System communications network.
MasterCard Interface Processor—The processor (place on-site at a merchant’s facility) that interfaces with MasterCard’s Global Payment System communications network. It contains the Warning Bulletin file and the local negative file and conducts authorization and settlement, as well as other services.
MultiChannel Interface Processor. Interface processor on the Cisco 7000 series routers that provides up to two channelized T1 or E1 connections via serial cables to a CSU. The two controllers on the MIP can each provide up to 24 T1 or 30 E1 channel-groups, with each channel-group presented to the system as a serial interface that can be configured individually.
Mutuelle Interprofessionnelle du Pé trole
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Standard threads that are on the outside of a pipe or fitting.
Male Iron Pipe. Standard external threads on pipe and fittings.
Abbreviation for "Male Iron Pipe".
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A figure in perfect condition and packaged in a perfect card or sealed box.
Mint in Package West Point Mint/Depository (coins)
Acronym for Mint in Package.
MAXIMUM INTENSITY PROJECTION. a processing method for MRA images. A MIP is a record of a maximum intensity ray (generated through a mathematical algorithm) as it passes through an angiographic volume. Each point in an MIP represents the highest intensity experienced in that location on any partition within the imaging volume.
Minimum Intensity Projection. Pseudo-3D system for viewing volumes of data, where the CT number of each pixel is given by the minimum CT number through the volume.
abbreviation for Maximum Intensity Projection, a three-dimensional representation of a volume
(Mobile Internet Provider) - ISPs dedicated to providing wireless service.
An acronym, first used by Forrester Research, standing for Mobile Internet Provider. MIPS are analagous to ISP s, although they are dedicated to providing wireless services. Some ISPs will merge with MIPs to provide both web and wireless web services.
Microenterprise Innovation Project
Maximal Inspiratory Pressure
The Management Incentive Program is a performance-based bonus compensation plan open to some Getronics personnel
Membership Intake Process. The joining of a NPHC organization. These organizations recruit members who have a certain number of college credits and grade point average.
macrophage inflammatory protein
Maximum Investment Plan. Effectively, a unit linked version of the endowment policy i.e. a regular savings plan with life assurance cover, paying out on maturity or earlier death or surrender. The major difference is that MIPs do not attract bonuses, their value depending on the unit price.
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mixed integer program
See: Monthly income preferred security
Monthly Income Plan
Monthly Income Plans
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Minor in Possession or
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Million instructions per second.
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MIP may mean