Definitions for "dedicated"
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Dedicated is the 2003 debut album by British r&b artist Lemar.
Dedicated is the fifth full-length album from New York hardcore punk band, Murphy's Law.
belonging to only one user. For example, a dedicated IP address is a type of account from an ISP where your computer(s) are assigned the same IP address at all times. A dedicated line is a phone line used only to connect to the Internet, rather than one shared by a modem and a phone.
Used exclusively for a single purpose or medium. A dedicated phone line may be used only for faxes, only for modem usage, et cetera. A dedicated server may be used for only one company or one website, et cetera.
Belonging to only one user. For example, a dedicated server is a computer in a network that is reserved to manage communications between all other computers in the network. A dedicated line is a phone line used only to connect to the Internet, rather than one shared by a modem and a phone.
wholly committed to a purpose or cause; as, a dedicated musician.
set apart especially for a higher purpose; as, a life dedicated to science.
Land granted for public or special purposes by an expressed intent in a conveyance or upon a plat.
a term used to indicate that a computing resource is reserved to a specific purpose
Designating a resource that is reserved for a specific programme, function or user.
Engine Also known as Mono-fuel or Monovalent. An engine that operates only on natural gas. Typically optimized to take full advantage of the high octane inherent in natural gas, thus using the fuel more efficiently. A dedicated vehicle only operates on one fuel but may have a ‘reserve tank' with gasoline to be used if natural gas is unavailable.
zealous in loyalty or affection; as, dedicated nurses.
Road Runner has built an extensive national broadband data network. This network infrastructure is dedicated to Road Runner traffic only, and our business clients benefit greatly from this elaborate arrangement.
A cabinet which has the original game inside. This cabinet will have all of the original artwork.
A unique game, usually in a unique cabinet, that cannot be converted by exchanging software.
A dedicated server package means that you get your own server as well as connection to our network.
A device that has only one function. For example, a dedicated server cannot be used as a workstation.
hosting A hosting feature that allows a Web site to have its own server. This is more flexible than shared hosting (see below), as webmasters typically have full control over the back end of the server, including choice of OS. Administration, however, is still handled by the hosting company.
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One or few support partners that are dedicated to assist in a given product or task
a system designed to carry out a specific task.
As in dedicated music computer. A computer designed specifically for one task.
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3/4«ÉñµÄ dependable
Indicates a system is intended for use with a certain type of equipment
Characteristic of a machine or system used only for one function.