Definitions for "FAX"
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Electronic message system that transmits over telephone lines.
communications:(short for facsimile) Hardware that sends a digital image of a document over communication lines to a similar device. Originally a fax scanned a printed document and a paper copy was recreated at the other end. With fax modems documents may remain in digital form.
(1) Abbreviation for facsimile. (2) Reference to either the service or the actual machines by which a copy of a document or picture may be transmitted
Fax is the greedy, violent self-styled "Lord of Seven Holds" in Anne Mc Caffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Originally a nephew of Lord Faroguy of High Reaches, he carefully conquered hold after hold by means of trickery, marriage, murder, and force. He repressed his holders, denied them education, and encouraged them to mistrust harpers and dragonriders.
Originally a last resort for procrastinators who missed the final Federal Express pickup; these days, an expensive way to order lunch from the pizza place around the corner.
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Finderoo flush FORTH FTP Voyager
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208-465-7626 Boise, ID - 52° A TO Z GLOSSARY OF TERMS ALL
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Fax number captured by ICC against the trading address.
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what you lie about to the IRS
Fax-enabled phones can receive, store and download fax messages.
A service that lets a user receive, store, and download text, drawings, and images.
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What Criminal Investigators Want
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Foreign exhibits
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Fax capability
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This is the fax number for the school.
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Fax (file name extension)