Definitions for "DSU"
Keywords:  csu, dte, bipolar, dds, cpe
Connects a CSU to data terminal equipment. Handles transmission (including formatting) of data over medium to high-speed digital communication circuits.
Digital Service Unit. Digital loop device residing on customer premises providing interface to customer's DTE (data terminal equipment).
Digital service unit; converts RS232, RS422, or V.35 terminal interface data to DSX-1 interface
Dispute Settlement Understanding
The Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes. The agreement establishing the WTO dispute settlement system.
Dalhousie Student Union. The student government - it's the university version of your high school's student council.
Delay in Startup Insurance is a policy to protect the seller of a construction project from penalties if the project is not completed on time. See "Liquidated Damages."
Equipment used to attach users' computing equipment to a public network.