Definitions for "Acoustic coupler"
communications: A modem connector that physically links to a telephone handset,.unlike the more common direct-connect modems that plug into the phone line. Useful if you're traveling or at a location (such as an unfamiliar country or office) with nonstandard phone service. While early versions were less reliable and slower than today's modems, within the last few years a wide variety of acoustic couplers have become available.
This is an acoustic modem that transfers data over phone lines by tones and sounds instead of electronically. Old-fashion handsets fit into a the modem to transmit information.
Equipment used in the conversion of electrical signals into audio signals in order to transmit data over a PSTN.
a simple cavity of specified shape and volume which is used for the calibration of an earphone
() A special seal on some headsets (notably the Plantronics M130) that allows better caller focus by blocking out unwanted sounds.
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