Definitions for "CSU"
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Channel Service Unit. Usually a customer-owned CPE device that provides an interface between digital equipment (like codecs) and transmission facilities that comply with FCC or other regulatory requirements. A CSU often includes network switching and control and/or line-conditioning capabilities.
Consumer Safety Unit (UK)
Customer Set Up. The Machine has been designated to be set up by customers. This includes initial installation and add-on features provided after the initial installation. The customer is responsible for the planning, site preparation, installation and configuration of the Machine including external cables and devices. Customers may request IBM to perform these activities for a charge.
California State University System. Of the twenty-three state colleges and universities, the two closest to Shasta College are CSU Chico and CSU Humboldt.
Charles Sturt University
Colorado State University
Cyclic Redundancy Check ; the value obtained by applying a mathematical function to the bits in a frame and appended to the frame. The CRC is recalculated when the frame is received. If the result differs from the appended value, the frame is discarded.
Christian Social Union
Christlich-Soziale Union
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Catheter specimen of urine.