Definitions for "UAC"
Universities Admissions Centre. The Universities Admissions Centre (NSW & ACT) Pty Ltd is the central office that receives and processes applications for admission to most undergraduate degree, advanced diploma and diploma courses at the participating institutions. UAC also notifies students of their UAI and, on behalf of the participating institutions, mails offers to successful applicants.
Universal Access Controller
University Activities Center
acronymn for umbilical arterial catheter.
Umbilical Artery Catheter. A small plastic tube put in one of the arteries of the baby’s umbilical cord, or belly button. It can be used to give fluids, medicine and nutrition, take blood samples and monitor a baby’s blood pressure.
Umbilical artery catheter. This small plastic tube is inserted into the blood vessel in your baby's umbilicus. This allows fluid to be given and blood to be taken without extra needle pricks for your baby.
User Agent Client: A user agent client is a client application that initiates the SIP request.
User Assurance Co-ordinator
User Account Control
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Unincorporated Area Council
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Uniform Annual Charge
Underwriters Adjusting Company.
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