Definitions for "Sip"
An Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard, SIP is an open, Internet-genuine protocol for establishing and managing multi-party, mixed-media sessions over converged networks. SIP enables the creation and deployment of feature-rich services that go far beyond simple VoIP calls.
Session Initiated Protocol. Conferencing and Telephony sessions over IP-based networks.
1. SMDS Interface Protocol. Used in communications between CPE and SMDS network equipment. Allows the CPE to use SMDS service for high-speed WAN internetworking. Based on the IEEE 802.6 DQDB standard. See also DQDB. 2. Serial Interface Processor. Obsolete interface processor for Cisco 7000 series routers that provided either two or four channel-independent ports for synchronous serial connections at speeds from 2.4 Kbps to 4 Mbps. The SIP has been replaced by the FSIP. Sometimes called SX-SIP or Pre-FSIP. See also FSIP.
State Implementation Program
state implementation plans. EPAapproved state plans for the establishment, regulation, and enforcement of air pollution standards.
(UK) Share Incentive Plan - a tax and NIC advantag... Add a comment
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Single In-Line Package - a package with a single row of pins along one edge, usually mounted up on edge.
Small Inline Package
See PFL, also Solo
Solo In Place. Solo function with correct stereo (or mutlichannel) placement preserved.
Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa
Structural Insulated Panel. Load bearing wall, roof, or floor panel made of foam sandwiched between two sheets of plywood or oriented strand board.
Structural Insulated Panel. A structural system consisting of EPS insulation laminated between wood panels, forming a structural panel that can be used for exterior walls, roofs and floors. They are used world-wide for new houses, additions, freezers, coolers, commercial construction and more.
structural insulated panel (OSB laminated to both faces of a rigid foam core) heat transfer coefficient, usually Btu/sq ft-0F
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To drink or imbibe in small quantities; especially, to take in with the lips in small quantities, as a liquid; as, to sip tea.
To taste the liquor of; to drink out of.
To drink a small quantity; to take a fluid with the lips; to take a sip or sips of something.
The Division of Information Services, Service Improvement Program.
School Improvement Program. A state-funded program for elementary, intermediate, and secondary schools to improve instruction, services, school environment and organization at school sites according to plans developed by School Site Councils (see School Site Council).
State Improvement Plan. According to the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services' document Michigan's Plan to Improve the Performance of Students with Disabilities (October 1998), the SIP documents Michigan's strategic state improvement planning process through which improvement strategies will be constantly compared to data on student performance measured against state goals and priorities to ensure continuous improvement in student performance.
This term stands for Special Interest Publication. An SIP is a magazine that is an off-shoot of another magazine; sometimes they are one-time special issues, but usually they are on-going. (For instance, In Style has In Style Weddings; YM has a special prom issue.) Often a magazine hires a separate staff, often freelance, to produce its SIPs. SIPs are usually newsstand only. It is pronounced two ways: "S.I.P.s" or "Sips."
Sickness Impact Profile. A generic quality of life rating scale which includes 12 types of questions (domains). Scores are reported as a total score (includes all domains), a physical score (ambulation, body care, and movement and mobility), and a psychosocial score (emotional behavior, social interaction, alertness behavior, and communication)
Social Inclusion Partnership
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mandate for achieving health-based air quality standards. Go to Top
A document prepared by each state describing existing air quality conditions and measures which will be taken to attain and maintain national ambient air quality standards (see AQMP).
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Side Imapact Protection
Soluble Intake Protein - Portion of crude protein that is completely soluble in rumen fluid and are rapidly utilized by rumen bacteria.
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SIO predicted (orbit)
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To draw into the mouth; to suck up; as, a bee sips nectar from the flowers.
Abbrev. for "Semiconductor Intellectual Property". See also: Semiconductor Intellectual Property Go to index
Automated method of dollar cost average trading. See Automatic Investment.
Strategic Investment Program
Structured Investment Product. A Structured Investment Product (SIP) is an investment product that is structured to meet investor's individual risk-return criteria. The return or reward profile may not necessarily be the same as that derived from investing directly in the underlying asset. SIPs are normally a combination of bond, asset, and derivative instruments. Refer to Understanding SIP.
Documents prepared by states, and submitted to EPA for approval, which identify actions and programs to be undertaken by the state and its subdivisions to implement their responsibilities under the Clean Air Act.
a screening and intake program used to review police reports and investigations for the purpose of deciding how to dispose of mattes being investigated.
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A pre-inspection order.
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The act of sipping; the taking of a liquid with the lips.
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State Income and Prices