Definitions for "Inline"
An optimization where the code of called routines is inserted into the calling code to eliminate the calling overhead.
To replace a function call with a copy of the function's code during compilation.
Brian Ingerson's Inline module for embedding foreign code in a Perl program. The most popular use of Inline is Inline::C, which provides a cleaner and simpler way to interface with C programs, compared to h2xs or SWIG.
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Refers to the manner in which the SCR's are connected in three-phase applications.
Phase of the PLC after shipping (STM) where bugs are fixed for interim release. Maintenance of the product involves cleaning up bugs that are found after STM. Inlines are created to address these problems.
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Guns are all in a straight line, not the throws of the marks. There can be variations of the inline concept including throwing direction, shift in placement of gun stations, retriever guns, terrain considerations, flyer placement, throwing order as well as factors such as wind and weather. The debate is whether or not this is a test of a dogâ€(tm)s marking ability or their ability to take a line. While seen in tests and/or trials, some feel it is a training concept and should not be used in competition.
INLINE+ adds the top of the data stack to the value on return stack. INLINE+ is one of a set of 4 words used to improve the readability and transportability of programs that use inline data.
( -- inline-data-address ) INLINE takes the return stack absolute address, converts it to a relative address, then moves it to the data stack. Related Words: INLINE+ [email protected] INLINE ( INLINE is not related )
single row of connector (not a Matrix).
Reference to an engine in which all cylinders are vertical and in one line, as distinct from one with two banks of cylinders set at an angle.
Cylinders in a single row, valve stems in a single row.
Refers to photos along the flightline, sequential photographs.
Usually of finishing, but any operation taking place as an adjunct to the main printing - such as folding, numbering, glueing - and not involving a separate operation.
Graphics and pictures that are automatically downloaded and displayed when viewing an HTML file are said to be "inline" images. (In contrast, external images are linked to the HTML file, but are only loaded and displayed when their anchor is activated.)
In Content Manager, an object that is online and in a drive, but has no active mounts. Contrast with mounted.
A picture, animation or video displayed inside a Web page rather than in a separate window on screen
a statement in a VRML file that refers to, or calls into the scene, an additional file
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An agenda entry may be stored inline or out of line. Inline means that the entry's rich text object is stored in the same stream as the entry. See also: out of line
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a knot with only one incoming end and one outgoing end.
within the browser page, as opposed to needing to be viewed with an external application.
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See inline component.