Definitions for "Guns"
Another word for Biceps, alone for with triceps. Other slang words include Pipes, Pythons...
Term for biceps/triceps also known as pipes, pythons. Page Top
Slang for the biceps. Hams or Hamstrings: The group of three muscles constituting the back of the upper leg that serve to flex the knee joint, abduct the leg, and extend the thigh. Scientific name is biceps femoris.
Smooth bore artillery firing solid shot or various forms of canister.
Guns are large Cannons that are extremely heavy. They do not have the high trajectory of the Howitzers. Guns do, however, have a much greater range than Howitzers. Guns are not self-loading. Guns use Artillery Ammo.
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GFDL-UKMET-NOGAPS model ensemble average
In the case of action figures, any attachable accessory resembling a firearm, laser blaster, bazooka, etc. [][ Go To Bottom
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Horoscopes Humor
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An air-to-air or air-to-surface gunshot.(auch: GUNS, GUNS, GUNS) zum Men
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British police do not carry guns on the beat. There are special units who deal with armed situations (ARV - armed response vehicle), and officers who have completed a special training course are allowed to carry a gun when it has been authorised from above.
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a little ambiguous
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Fired at five minutes before the start, one minute before the start, at the start and at the finish.
Go off with a bang at the start of the race, unlike most crews.
The device that dispenses a material (adhesive) onto a substrate or product.
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Those who do the shooting.
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