Definitions for "Canister"
A kind of case shot for cannon, in which a number of lead or iron balls in layers are inclosed in a case fitting the gun; -- called also canister shot.
A form of case shot where the projectiles are placed in a thin walled, cylindrical container that disintegrates upon firing. This creates a giant shotgun effect.
The cylindrical tin container holding many small iron balls, the whole referred to as case shot. An anti-personnel load which turned a cannon into a giant shotgun.
A container in an evaporative emission control system; contains activated charcoal granules to trap vapors from the fuel system.
A two-piece unit that holds a filter cartridge, consisting of a "head" and a "sump". Made of plastic and available in white and clear.
A container filled with sorbents and catalysts that removes gases, vapors, and/or particulates from air drawn through the unit. Canisters rely on a variety of mechanisms for contaminant removal such as chemical absorption, adsorption, catalytic action, neutralization, and mechanical filtration.
Clan slang for the artificial wombs used in the eugenics program of the warrior caste.
Clan slang for the eugenics program of the warrior caste. It can also refer specifically to the artificial wombs.
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a large bodied air shock, offering a linear, coil-emulating spring rate that delivers plush and smooth travel
Part of the tool that holds coils of nails in coil nailers
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A small basket of rushes, reeds, or willow twigs, etc.
A small box or case for holding tea, coffee, etc.
A metal container used for the storage or disposal of heat-producing, solid, high-level radioactive waste.
Container or mounting mechanism for elements. May be an actual part of and performing a function of the elements, or may be used to hold the element in position.
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see [ See picture ] The large central post which supports a post mill