Definitions for "Scrubbers"
Devices that cleanse emissions, usually with water, before they are released into the air.
Pollution control devices used in industry to remove aerosols and waste gases through the use of water, activated charcoal, or filters.
a device in a smokestack that uses water to remove particles and some polluting gases.
The term 'scrubber' is a word that arose largely in the North of England in the 80s/90s, (although it still enjoys some currency today) to refer to a certain type of person, either believed to be a member of a social demographic which the speaker terms 'scrubbers', or to personify 'scrubberish-ness' or 'scrubber-dom.' Certain sources (not referenced because of profanity) associate the concept with Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire, England, from where it became widespread.
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See Wet Scrubbers.