Definitions for "Scrubber"
A gas washer. See under Gas.
a device for removing pollutants from a gas stream, especially for removing sulfur oxides from processes burning coal or oil.
A device for removing unwanted gases or particles from an air stream by spraying the air with liquid (usually water) or forcing air through a series of baths. Scrubbers are often put on smoke stacks.
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One who, or that which, scrubs; esp., a brush or machine used in scrubbing.
A small hand-operated tool that uses a rotating motion in order to clean a surface.
a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface (usually a floor or deck)
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a stunted or emaciated steer.
A person who lives in the bush.
A domesticated animal which has escaped and lives wild in the bush.
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CO2 scrubber. Atmospheric control equipment that rids the ship of carbon dioxide (from breathing and the diesel emergency generator) by blowing it over an amine bed.
an old fashioned word for a prostitute, or someone who is always very unclean (physically, verbally or sexually)
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Bar This is a special scrollbar that allows you to move anywhere within you movie.