Definitions for "Aerosol"
A product that uses compressed gas to spray a product from its container into the air. Historical Note: Aerosol paint products have not contained chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs that destroy the O-zone layer) since 1978.
A colloidal system in which the dispersed phase is composed of either solid or liquid particles and in which the dispersion medium is some gas, usually air. There is no clear-cut upper limit to the size of particles composing the dispersed phase in an aerosol, but as in all other colloidal systems, it is rather commonly set at 1 μm. Haze, most smokes, and some fogs and clouds may thus be regarded as aerosols. However, it is not good usage to apply the term to ordinary clouds with drops so large as to rule out the usual concept of colloidal stability. It is also poor usage to apply the term to the dispersed particles alone; an aerosol is a system of dispersed phase and dispersing medium taken together. (American Meteorological Society [AMS])
a fine mist; an aerosolized drug is administered as a fine spray that is inhaled into the lungs.
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Glucans Phenotype
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Fistula Perennial
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Homologous Plasmids
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Ambient Surrounding. For example, the ambient operating temperature of a vessel is the temperature essentially the same as that surrounding the vessel.
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Humoral Secretion
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Immunization Proteins