Definitions for "Coagulant"
An organic polyelectrolyte used to gather (coagulate) suspended particles in the water.
A chemical compound used in water clarifiers. It causes fine particles to stick together to be more easily removed by the filter.
a chemical added to water which attracts dirt and impurities into a clump. Once the suspended solid particles and dirt are chemically "stuck together," they can be removed from the water. Click to see a detailed diagram of one of our treatment plants where we use utilize coagulants.
Substance used for causing coagulation. Salts, polyvalent cations such as calcium, acids (including volatile acids like acetic and formic), dehydrating solvents and combinations of these are commonly used as coagulants of latex, for preparing latex dipped goods.
Reagent inducing chemical coagulation capable of destroying dispersions, including pigment preparations and dispersion-type paints. Some examples of coagulants are: salts, acids and some other electrolytes, polar solvents... Syn. Coagulating reagent
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(see Flocculant)
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an agent that produces coagulation
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That which produces coagulation.