Definitions for "Embolism"
The occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus. Embolism in the brain often produces sudden unconsciousness and paralysis.
EM-bo-liz-um The blocking of an artery by a wandering clot, which was carried in the blood from some other part of the body and then became lodged in the artery.
A plug, usually a blood clot, blocking a blood vessel.
Intercalation; the insertion of days, months, or years, in an account of time, to produce regularity; as, the embolism of a lunar month in the Greek year.
Intercalated time.
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Mitoxantrone Tubulin
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mus VOC
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Feb 8, 11:52 AM EST
Neutrophil Translocation
an insertion into a calendar
A number of days (sometimes a month) added to a calendar in order to keep it in phase with seasons.
Insertion of a day or more into a calendar in an attempt to keep it in phase with seasons.
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Embolus Embossing
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Molecular Sympathetic
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Passage of a mass within the bloodstream from a point of origin to a point of impaction.
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