Definitions for "Embolization"
the insertion of a substance through a catheter into a blood vessel to stop hemorrhaging, or excessive bleeding.
(em-bowl-uh- zay-shun): a type of treatment that reduces the blood supply to the cancer by the injection of materials to plug up the artery that supplies blood to the tumor.
This procedure is done to block off or close blood vessels. This treatment can often significantly improve venous and arterivenous malformations , as well as other vascular malformation problems, such as Klippel Trenaunay or Kaposiform Hemangendothelioma . A catheter is inserted into the blood vessel and an angiogram is performed (see above.) A substance is then injected into the vessel to seal off blood flow. This substance can be tiny particles, a liquid, coils, or a gel. This procedure may also be done to minimize bleeding before surgery.
ElectroEnCephalography EnCephalitis
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