Definitions for "aneurysm"
a sac-like widening of a blood vessel.
A ballooning out of a blood vessel or of a portion of the heart muscle. If the aneurysm ruptures, it can be deadly.
Local dilation ("ballooning") of an artery due to a weakening of the arterial wall. In large vessels, the mechanism which weakens the wall is almost always atherosclerosis.
Fibrin Postoperative
Glycosuria Postoperative
Glycoproteins Prophylaxis
Glycoproteins Preclinical
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Fibrosis Phenotype
Gangrene Phenotype
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"Aneurysm" is a song written by Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain. It was inspired by Cobain's breakup with his girlfriend at the time of its writing, Tobi Vail. Although some Nirvana fans think that it is about heroin.
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Gastrostomy Pernicious
Gastroduodenal Pharmacist
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Exons Ophthalmology
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Genotype Polypeptide
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Hypotonia Proteins
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Genital Prevalence
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Hepatitis Prostate