Definitions for "PVD"
Physical Vapor Deposition. Deposition method used commonly for metal layers through bombardment of target by gas plasma, often called "Sputtering"
Physical Vapor Deposition. A type of vacuum deposition process where a material is vaporized in a vacuum chamber, transported atom by atom across the chamber to the substrate, and condensed into a film at the substrate's surface. The concept has been stretched to include reactive processes that form a coating compound by bombardment of different species on the substrate's surface, and processes that rely on low pressure plasma interactions for greater energy levels and film density. There are actually several different PVD processes, including: thermal evaporation, electron beam gun, ion plating, sputtering, cathodic arc, and laser ablation.(empty)(empty)
Physical Vapour Deposition. Finest metal particles are shot under vacuum. This creates an unbreakable so-called PVD casing. Can be created in various finishes. Has high corrosion resistance with the durability close to that of a sapphire crystal.
posterior vitreous detachment. see detachment, posterior vitreous (PVD)
Posterior Vitreous Detachement. the separation of the vitreous body from it1s attachment from the retinal surface due to shrinkage from degenetative or inflamatory conditions or trauma. Also an age-related condition
Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Separation of vitreous gel from the retinal surface. Frequently occurs with aging as the vitreous liquifies or in some diseases states (e.g., diabetes and high myopia). Usually innocuous, but can cause retinal tears, which may lead to retinal detachment.
Peripheral Vascular Disease. Damage to or blockage in the veins that carry blood from your arms and legs back to your heart
peripheral vascular disease: progressive clogging of the arteries.
Peripheral vascular disease. An abnormal condition that affects the blood vessels outside the heart. Often occurs as a result of decreased blood flow and narrowing of the arteries from atherosclerosis, to the hands and feet. People who have had diabetes for a long time may develop PVD.
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Property Valuation Division. A division in the Kansas Department of Revenue that directs and assists counties in the valuation of property, as required by Kansas's law.