Definitions for "Etch"
To produce, as figures or designs, on mental, glass, or the like, by means of lines or strokes eaten in or corroded by means of some strong acid.
To subject to etching; to draw upon and bite with acid, as a plate of metal.
To wear away or roughen a surface with an acid or other chemical agent or with a fine abrasive prior to painting to increase adhesion; to prepare the surface of metal or concrete using acids.
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A variant of Eddish.
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To sketch; to delineate.
To mark the material without cutting all the way through. This is typically accomplished by reducing pressure, reducing abrasive flow rate or increasing feed rate. See also: Scribe
The removal of selected portions of materials to define patterned layers on chips.
Process of removing small imperfections in a print or negative by scraping away part of the emulsion.
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To practice etching; to make etchings.
make an etching of