Definitions for "Soft-ground etching"
Keywords:  tallow, crayon, etched, pencil, harden
Intaglio process in which an image is transferred to the printing plate by laying a drawing on top of the prepared plate, then tracing over the image with a pencil. When the paper is removed, the soft waxy ground adheres to the tracing, exposing the plate, which is then set into an acid bath, inked and printed.
is a type of etching in which a metal plate is covered with a thin liquid coating (ground) that does not harden. Tracing paper can be placed over the ground, permitting the reproduction of a drawing. The plate is then placed in acid where the exposed metal is etched. As in a standard etching, ink is applied and the plate is printed. Ice combines this method with aquatint.
is a process in which a drawing is made on a sheet of textured paper placed on a plate prepared with an etching ground that has tallow added to prevent it from hardening. It is then fixed to the plate by etching.