Definitions for "Engraving"
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The act or art of producing upon hard material incised or raised patterns, characters, lines, and the like; especially, the art of producing such lines, etc., in the surface of metal plates or blocks of wood. Engraving is used for the decoration of the surface itself; also, for producing an original, from which a pattern or design may be printed on paper.
That which is engraved; an engraved plate.
An impression from an engraved plate, block of wood, or other material; a print.
Glass can be engraved with numerous patterns. Our glass is engraved freehand -- a task which requires precision, an eye for proportion, and a steady hand. The design is produced step by step. The proper bit must be chosen for each detail in the design. This means that a complicated design requires the use of several different bits. Because the design usually consists of flowers, leaves, bows, and so forth, the process is sometimes called "blomslipning" or "floral engraving" in Swedish.
A laser process where the laser is used remove material from a homogenous target, leaving a trench or hole. For example, laser marking on integrated circuits is usually a very shallow engrave.
The roughening or eroding of a glass surface by means of scratching either with a diamond-point stylus or with a rotary, impact, wheel or laser engraver
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(See Scribing)
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The marks made on the bullet by the rifling.
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The engraving of the dies with the negative coin image.
A type of printing process that produces the sharpest images of all. The image feels indented if you run your fingers over the back of the sheet.
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A process in illustration
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a network of thin lines and curves