Definitions for "Stylus"
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An instrument for writing. See Style, n., 1.
That needle-shaped part at the tip of the playing arm of phonograph which sits in the groove of a phonograph record while it is turning, to detect the undulations in the phonograph groove and convert them into vibrations which are transmitted to a system (since 1920 electronic) which converts the signal into sound; also called needle. The stylus is frequently composed of a hard metal or of diamond.
The needle-like device used to cut the grooves which record the sound on the original disc during recording of a phonograph record; it is moved by the vibrations given to the diaphragm by a sound, and produces the indented record.
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a wood/metal/plastic stick used to deboss paper
A tool used to transfer a pattern onto a surface.
a tool that looks similar to an X-acto knife, with a ball on the end instead of a blade
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Sub Subcode
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STYS subnet
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a poor rip off of a mouse
A stylus is a pointing object that you use to navigate on the screen. It works similarly to a mouse or trackball.
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an awl-like utensil that is used to make raised dots which can be read by touch
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a great new accessory for your PDA
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a must for me