Definitions for "Workbench"
workbench is a powerful PHP/MySQL bug-tracking application. It supports multiple projects, full change history, custom reporting, and many other useful tools.
A bench on which work is performed, as in a carpenter's shop.
In VisualAge for Java, the main window from which you can manage the workspace, create and modify code, and open browsers and other tools.
This is the area of the screen where parts are viewed. It is also called the Graphics Window. The workbench is your graphics display area where you can see and work on parts. You can have more than one part on the workbench at a time and can view multiple parts to see how they fit together. If a part you want to work with is not on the workbench, you will need to get it from the bin.
The Amiga's icon-based graphical user interface software.
Eclipse terminology referring to graphical user interface as a whole, abstractly. See the official Eclipse definition.
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Synonym for WebSphere Studio.
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Workbench is a Rich Client Platform framework based on Swing and OSGi technologies.
a simple and convenient IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that provides a color syntax highlighting editor with support for code completion, in an environment that users can use to create, edit, save, load, and execute scripts
A suite of integrated applications specifically designed for a particular role or function (e.g., a buyer's workbench, a store manager's workbench).
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Table at which work is accomplished.
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an essential fixture for any job