Definitions for "AWT"
Keywords:  toolkit, gui, abstract, jfc, supplanted
Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit. A set of classes that let you write platform independent Java code usable with native GUI systems on many different platforms.
Abstract Window Toolkit Provides the Java GUI. Contained in the java.awt package. (A package is a collection of importable classes.)
An acronym for the Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit-the part of the Java API that allows programmers to create graphical user interfaces. The AWT is a large and complex set of classes.
Australian Water Technologies Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Sydney Water.
Australians Working Together
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the average sales per pub per week, calculated as total sales divided by the average number of pubs trading during the year divided by 52 weeks.
The average length of time during which a caller is on hold.
advanced wastewater treatment
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All weather track (fibre-sand).
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Allowable Working Tension.