Definitions for "Graphical User Interface"
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A method of interacting with a computer system by using a mouse to point-and-click on graphic symbols (icons, glyphs or menus) which are displayed on the computer monitor. The GUI method allows the user to access software applications and tools with a minimum of keyboarding.
A GUI is an interface that can be used to check RAID operation and status, using a monitor and a mouse. Global Eyes is the GUI for Arena RAID units.
User interface which simultaneously displays pictures and images as well as text (in fact text is also treated as an image). Common examples of graphics interfaces are: Microsoft Windows, the Macintosh interface, IBM OS/2 Presentation Manager, etc.
The graphical visual representation of the working environment that presents the elements of your computer as objects on a desktop.
a necessary element for Corel Computer to create a family of highly reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage desktop computers
Link to CREST which allows real-time input of instructions and enquiries.
rule based system
Graphical environment to simplify the use of the operating system and applications.
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uses pictures and words to represent ideas, choices, functions, etc.