Definitions for "Direct Manipulation"
A user interface technique that lets a user start application functions by manipulating objects. The user begins an action by moving the mouse pointer over an object and then pressing and holding down the drag mouse button (mouse button 2 is the default for OS/2) while dragging the selected object to a new location. The user then drops the object onto the new location by releasing the mouse button. For this reason, direct manipulation is also known as drag and drop.
An interface technique which is based on the "world model", i.e. users can directly manipulate objects which are represented on the screen HutchinsHollanNorman1986. Examples: PinBall and Music Construction Kit
(1) A user interface technique whereby the user initiates application functions by manipulating the objects, represented by icons, on the desktop. Also known as drag-and-drop manipulation. (2) In the Windows operating system, a unit of data. The unit is often part of a task that is shared among users.