Definitions for "Cursor"
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Any part of a mathematical instrument that moves or slides backward and forward upon another part.
A reference to an element at a specific position in a data structure.
Foiled again. A visual indicator showing the position of the next entry.
Keywords:  sql, row, query, tuples, fetch
A DB2 control structure used to retrieve rows from a result set.
A database object used to traverse the results of an SQL query.
A database control structure used by the Data Access Builder to point to a specific row within some ordered set of rows and to retrieve rows from a set, possibly making updates or deletions.
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An irate resident receiveing a utility bill after a big rate hike.
a mechanism used in many relational database systems to refer to the current item (e
represents an application's connection to a database.
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a garbage mouth
a ListIterator with an additional close() method
a mechanism that enables the individual records of a resultset to be processed one record at a time
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What one becomes who sits in front of the same spreadsheet that won't balance for more than 2 hours.
Slide rules use as a cursor a sliding glass or plastic plate etched or painted with a fine line for aligning to the different scales. Slide rule operation consists of finding a number on one scale and lining it up with a number on another scale. If any distance separates the scales, the cursor can serve to line them up accurately or to read off values.
a record based processing type it is not designed to retrieve records over and over again to display
An aiming device, such as a lens with cross-hairs, or a digitiser or an interactive computer display.
a vector of length one (vector component) that represents a real index into a vector
an object that points into a collection and may be used to retrieve successive elements
an abstract mechanism to access objects within a stream
Keywords:  memory, table
a table in memory
Keywords:  extension, windows, file
a Windows file that has the extension
Keywords:  cut, equalizer
Cut Cut-Only Equalizer
Keywords:  range, additional, table, move, methods
a cell range which provides additional methods to move through the table (i
Keywords:  element, container, reference
a reference to an element within a container