Definitions for "Mnemonic"
Assisting in memory; helping to remember; as, a mnemonic device.
Something used to assist the memory, as an easily remembered acronym or verse.
An abbreviated word that resembles the full word, used so as to be easily recognized; as, the CIDE uses ... tags as mnemnonics for an italicised word or field.
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In OSF/Motif, an underscored letter in a menu name. You can bring up the associated menu by pressing Alt and the mnemonic.
a character that makes an already visible menu item be chosen
a character which represents one or more bases
an abbreviation for a machine code statement
a reserved name for a class of instruction opcodes that have the same function
a text-based representation of a single instruction of binary code
a specific reconstruction of target content intended to tie new information more closely to the learner's existing knowledge base and, therefore, facilitate retrieval
Strategies for learning and later retrieval of information.
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See access key.