Definitions for "Encode"
To semantically represent a message by an utterance, where the mapping between message and utterance is secret. See Encoding/Decoding and Encryption/Decryption of Messages .
to change a message into symbols, as encode oral language into writing, encode an idea into words, encode a physical law into mathematical symbols. See also decode. to give a deep structure to a message.
To apply the rules of a code. (Contrast with decode.)
To convert data into a form which may be processed by a computer.
See compress.
To convert data into a stream of bits so that it can be transmitted over a serial line.
Integrated development environment implemented with Python and GTK+. Editing components are based on Vim and Emacs.
a added-value module that seamlessly integrates with our IA Professional, Limited, Proof or Remittance processing packages or can be used on its own as a standalone module
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To put plaintext into codetext.
ENCODE (the ENCylopedia Of DNA Elements) is a public research consortium launched by the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in September 2003. The goal is to find all functional elements in the human genome, one of the most critical projects by NHGRI after it completed the successful Human Genome Project.
to express or emit nonverbal behavior, such as smiling or patting someone on the back
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The adding the micr information to a check. In most cases this refers specifically to adding the amount.
MICR encoding the amount field on items before depositing them with the Fed.
to serialize an ASN.1 instance of a data type into a string of octets.
The act of changing data into a series of electrical or optical pulses that can travel efficiently over a medium.
The process by which files are reduced in size by the removal of redundant or less important data.
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from idea to signifier
To encode is to use a magnetic recording head to encode or write magnetic data on a stripe. The head produces alternating zones of north-south and then south-north magnetization. These alternating zones are formed into bits. Writing is the same as encoding.