Definitions for "Encoder"
Device that modifies information into the required transmission format.
A type of feedback device which converts mechanical motion into electrical signals to indicate actuator position. Typical encoders are designed with a printed disc and a light source. As the disc turns with the actuator shaft, the light source shines through the printed pattern onto a sensor. The light transmission is interrupted by the pattern on the disc. These interruptions are sensed and converted to electric pulses. By counting the pulses, actuator shaft position is determined.
Converts one multimedia format (typically a raw format) to another encoded format for the purposes of storing that format.
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An embodiment of an encoding process.
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Vultron's ‘black box' that has the memory chips and power supply.
is an electronic version of a commutator.
The block responsible for appending extra bits to the digital data before transmitting.
An encoder can be built into a digital card printer. Encoders are usually broken down into magnetic encoders for magnetic stripes and smart card encoders that encode smart card chips.
Digital circuit that produces an output code depending on which of its inputs is activated.
A program capable of capturing and formatting image and graphic raster data, following the definitions of the Graphics Interchange Format.
A piece of hardware or software that encodes the data i.e. accepts the message bits and adds redundancy according to a prescribed rule there by producing encoded data at a higher bit rate.
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See "shaft encoder"
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See Optical Encoder
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See Windows Media Encoder.
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a class which can be used to create files or streams that encode the state