Definitions for "Compression"
reduction of the space required for storage (of binary data) by an algorithm which converts the data to a smaller number of bits while preserving the information content. The act of compressing {3}.
Reduce the number of bits required for data storage or transmission with special software. Decompression reverses the result of compression.
Reduction of the size of a digital data file by removing redundant information
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A force that tends to make a member fail because of crushing.
In a compressional (logitudinal) wave, it's the part of the wave that is squeezed together. Click here to see a compression ( picture). Back to Wave Index
A system of stresses that tends to reduce the volume of, or shorten a substance.
The amount of resilience in a ball, or how much it compresses at impact. The higher the compression, the greater the required force to fully compress the ball. It is a misconception that a ball with higher compression (100) will travel further than a ball with less compression ( 80 or 90). The distances are virtually the same. A greater difference is in the area of feel. A higher compression ball will feel harder than a ball with less compression.
The amount of resiliance of a golf ball.
The degree of resilience of a golf ball.
Maximizes commission potential by ensuring that all possible qualifying levels are filled with productive downline Members. Levels or generations compress so that Members not qualified to receive regular commissions become invisible during calculation of commissions. They do not lose their position or title permanently.
compression refers to how commissions flow upline finding qualified distributors to pay each commission level to until all commissions on a particular order have been paid
Levels (or generations) that fail to qua...more Levels (or generations) that fail to qualify toward commissions due to lack of order activity cause the next higher qualifying level to be rolled up to the ineligible level and be paid at the ineligible levelâ€(tm)s commission. To avoid compression, all levels must qualify for commission by ordering at least 50 LP for the month.
Building Using Earthward Pressure
The act of applying pressure to an area of the body. In lymphedema either the massage pressure that moves lymph or the compression of the therapeutic pump device. Also, compression/support from garments and wraps preventing swelling.
in a compression refrigeration system, a process by which the pressure of the refrigerant is increased
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Part of the start motion in which the athlete draws the sled back immediately before the forward pull. The slider's knees spread, and his or her head is drawn between the legs.
The portion of the start when an athlete puts the sled into a rearward motion; followed by the pull.
Pressure of the fuel mixture existing in each cylinder when the piston is at the top of its compression stroke.
An engine's ability to trap air and reduce its volume to create pressure. This ability is lost when engine parts such as piston rings and cylinders wear, or when valves lose their ability to seal due to burning or mechanical damage. Compression makes an engine fire smoothly (helps good combustion) and operate efficiently. An engine compression test is one very effective way of measuring wear and checking for mechanical problems.
The degree to which air/fuel mixture is compressed in an engine's cylinder prior to being ignited. Insufficient compression will prevent proper combustion and power output. A compression test measures each cylinder's compression pressure during cranking conditions.
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Adjustment of an external fixator to provide closer bone-to-bone contact at a fracture site; or the application of centrally directed forces (forces applied towards the middle of the instrumented areas.
a force that applied pressure (the opposite of tension)
The forces which thicken the inside wall of the bend.
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See Graft compression.
condition that can occur when tissue around hair grafts compresses the follicles. It can lead to poor hair growth and/or hair growing in the wrong direction.
Occurs sometimes when grafts are put into slits when the existing tissue 'compresses' the follicle. This can cause poor growth and/or improper direction of the hair.
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In order to present a complete picture of a high resolution format with low resolution format projectors one has to compress the image. There are two different translation procedures. See line suppression and Resizing.
Compression is used to convert one resolution to another. For example, a projector that has SVGA resolution may accept XGA resolution and compress it to SVGA, resulting in a clearer picture.
(General) Force that presses particles of a body closer together.
The act of forcing or pressing together.(Basic Science/sound/vibration/discussion002.htm)
to press together into a smaller space.
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Compression is the first solo album by bassist Billy Sheehan, formerly of Talas, David Lee Roth, and Mr. Big.
The effect where the average audio in a system is not allowed to be higher than a certain level. This can be used to make all the sound the same volume.
fractional decrease of volume due to pressure.
A setting that increases the average volume of Dolby Digital audio when playing a DVD.
The lowering of the center resulting from the bending of the knees, for the purpose of commencing movement.
The term has two meanings. Compression is a type of physical connection, opposite to leverage, in which a stress exists at the point(s) of contact directed towards the contact point(s). The term is frequently used, e.g., in swing dance community. Compression is lowering the body by bending the knees in a preparation for a step. The term is mostly used in describing the technique of ballroom dances of Standard (International style) of Smooth (American style) categories: Waltzes, Tango (dance), Foxtrots.
The act of compressing a signal when it exceeds a set level. If a signal gets too high, it will compress it to keep it from increasing too rapidly.
a circuit used to restrict the amplitude variations of a signal (often combined with a limiter to set an absolute limit). Unlike digital compression, analogue compression can be "undone" to restore the original signal with little degradation
In RF amplification, an amplifier is said to be “in compression” (distorting) when the output is no longer a linear representation of the input signal, typically at the operational limits of the amplifier.
A massage (petrissage) stroke, applied with fist, palm, heel of hand or fingertips; used to spread tissue against underlying structures; can vary in pace and depth.
The art of compressing tissue of the body as in a massage compression stroke.
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Intranet Shockwave
Compression, in astronomy is the deviation of a heavenly body from the spherical form, called also the ellipticity. It is numerically expressed by the ratio of the differences of the axes to the major axis of the spheroid.
An increase in density and pressure in a medium, such as air, caused intermittently by the passage of a sound wave. 2. The region in either air or material in which this occurs.
the component that joins together with a rarefaction to make a sound wave
A pulse of high air pressure that travels as part of a sound wave
flexing of the legs to absorb bumps, and also to start turns over moguls. The French often call this term 'avalement'.
Pay differentials too small to be considered equitable.  The term may apply to differences between (1) the pay of supervisors and subordinates, (2) the pay of experienced and newly hired incumbents of the same job, and (3) pay-range midpoints in successive job grades.
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See gzip.
Shape Overall geometric outline of a track. Useful for identifying a track made in substrates other than sand or mud, and a common mode of preservation for undertracks.
a fossil preservation type in which a thin film of organic matter is preserved; compare to impression
Temporal compression compacts the changes during a sequence of frames by looking for patterns & repetition over time. Spational compression looks for ways to compact a single frame by looking for patterns or repetition among pixels - this is primarily used for animation.
Sets of identical, consecutive Argos messages generated by the same transmitter during the same satellite pass are presented as a single message. That message is assigned a flag, the "compression index", stating the number of messages that were received and processed.
"Compression" is a term used by some companies to describe a business reorganization that involves combining various departments. As a result of the "compression," some people could lose their jobs because those functions have been taken over by others. Recently, Major League Baseball has considered "compression" by eliminating two teams. The Player's Union has objected because of the effect it will have on jobs.
See Alignment, Dielectrophoresis, and Pearl Chains. The result of an AC alignment.
A transformation on a binary search tree used to rebalance (see rebalance) (sense 2).
The part of DynaWell(tm), against which the feet are placed, and with monitoring device which the compression is applied and monitored.
(1) The tendency of a fixed income security with short-term redemption features to increase in value for a given interest rate movement to a lesser degree than a similar security without such features. (2) The narrowing of relative spreads between different types of securities, such as securities with different ratings, revenue bonds vs. general obligation bonds, securities issued in different sectors, etc.
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The act, process of, or result of compressing. Bind is a result of compression.
The process that allows films to be stored digitally on DVD. See also MPEG-2.
A term used to describe the process of compressing raw materials into tablets.
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(r) the amount of deformation on a seal, often calculated by dividing the deformation by the original seal cross-sectional diameter.
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Fossil formed when an organism is flattened (compressed) and a thin film of organic material from its body is left in the rock.
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Compression Driver Compressor
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The rate at which a shock will compress under impact.
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(see clipping)
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to apply a load to a pile
Resistance toward each other to a degree that requires reaction
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is an alternate term for coding.
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The act of compressing, or state of being compressed.